Straight teeth in about a year. Only $2998!

My Forever Smile technology simplifies teeth-straightening, requires fewer appointments, and completes in 10-15 months (and in many cases even less)!

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Traditional braces are NOT the quickest way to straighter teeth.

  • Traditional braces are inefficient, moving the crown before moving the root.

  • They can require as many as 30 orthodontic visits over two to five years.

  • They’re uncomfortable because they don’t mimic the way teeth naturally move.

My Forever Smile begins at the root. :)

    • They engage each tooth’s root first, repositioning alignment meaningfully from day one.
    • Most treatments are complete within a year — often less.
    • You’ll see dramatic results within 90 days!

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What is My Forever Smile?

My Forever Smile is more comfortable. :)

Because My Forever Smile mimics the way teeth actually grow — moving the root and crown simultaneously — the whole process causes less discomfort than traditional braces.

What is My Forever Smile?
What is My Forever Smile?

Complete your treatment in about ten visits for $2998.

My Forever Smile only uses three wires over the length of treatment, lessening the need for adjustments along with uncomfortable and time-consuming orthodontic visits. 

And fewer visits means lower cost! Plus, some patients can get as much as 10% off the total price of My Forever Smile.

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Patients do not require extractions of permanent teeth.

Two separate orthodontists told Luis she would need her permanent teeth extracted (plus two and half years of treatment) to straighten her smile. 

We used Accelerated Orthodontics to complete her treatment in under 12 months and without extracting any permanent teeth!

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Get Straight Teeth in Half the Time

Specific results vary. Book your free consultation, and let’s find out together what you need to get the best possible smile.

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